Our values

Platform 6 is a recruitment service with a personality – based on traditional values of Integrity, Expertise and Collaboration.



the quality of being honest and having strong moral principle

Integrity is all about doing the right thing in a reliable and trustworthy way. It also happens to be one of the foundations of Platform 6.

All successful long-term relationships are built on integrity and loyalty.



having gained knowledge or skill in a particular field over time

Experience isn’t something you learn – it is something you gain. That means serving a lengthy apprenticeship to learn and understand your craft is a pre-requisite of this personal quality.

When you are recruiting or job hunting, you want to know that the person you are dealing with is experienced.



produced by or involving two more more parties working together

Partnerships are formed by working collaboratively.

It’s the only way Platform 6 wants to work with clients and candidates. It’s impossible to achieve the right outcomes without adopting a collaborative approach.

We don’t want to work for clients and candidates – we want to work with them.

Listen with curiosity.
Speak with honesty.
Act with integrity.

- Ray T Bennett, author of The Light in the Heart

The business focuses on developing long-term strategic relationships with clients and candidates - and effectively becoming a partner in the client recruitment planning process.

Extensive knowledge and contacts across a board range of sectors enables Platform 6 to respond quickly but the only thing that matters is 'getting it right' - and if a suitable candidate is not available, we will NOT try to shoe-horn a square peg into a round role.

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